Volunteers from the parent body and from the community are crucial to creating Hilltown’s special multi-generational, cooperative environment. In addition to parents, our volunteers include students from nearby colleges, local artists, professionals and senior citizens.

Individuals who volunteer for 40 hours or more during the academic year become “voting members” of HCCPS and participate in selecting Board of Trustees members  and making changes to the school’s by-laws at the Annual Meeting each May.

Please contact Deirdre Arthen, the Community Coordinator to volunteer or find out more.

Immediate Needs:

Staffing “Welcome Tables” during the first week of school

Data entry

Ongoing Needs:

These are mainly tasks that are ongoing in nature but have flexibility to adjust to your schedule.

 Join the Board of Trustees or a Board Committee: become a part of the governing body of the school. Meetings 1-2x/ month

Join Friends of Hilltown: Participate in group efforts to raise funds to support the school.

 Join the Community Team: Help with special events and community-building projects

 Assist in classrooms – supporting teachers in working with small groups during the school day and offering special attention to students who need it. A variety of times is available.

 Atelier Support: Digitally photograph and catalog artwork, help with organization, matting and other projects. Flexible times

 Chorus Support:  Attend and support chorus rehearsals and concerts

 Office Support – mailings or filing:  Choose a day to check in with Monique at 8:30 am or 2:30 pm to see if there is work to do.


Community Service Learning Support
Attend visits to the Overlook Northampton nursing home with classes on Tuesday afternoons

 Kitchen Maintenance
Choose one day a week to tidy up the kitchen.

 Family Corner Maintenance
Take care of tidying the Family Corner on a weekly basis

Lost and Found

Help manage our accumulation of misplaced sweaters, coats, mittens etc. on a monthly basis.

 Lunch or Recess Supervision
Choose a regular day to supervise students on a weekly basis