Community Compact


At the Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School we believe that education works best as a cooperative process among teachers, staff, parents, students and the community at large. Parents’ involvement in their children’s education contributes greatly toward their success and this school relies on its cooperative structure to create the innovative and alternative educational environment that is at the core of its mission.

This compact of understanding is a way of clearly stating our common commitment to collaboration in creating a learning community that nourishes and supports all of its members. If a situation ever arises in which the spirit or words of the compact is consistently not being met, all involved parties gather for a Compact Meeting to discuss and plan solutions. It is through this level of commitment and cooperation that we are able to successfully fulfill the school’s mission.

The Student pledges to:

• do my best to learn while in classes and when doing the home-study I am assigned.

• show respect for myself, my school, my teachers, other people, and materials.

• be inclusive of others and resolve conflicts in a positive, non-violent manner.

• take responsibility for my actions and my safety.

• believe that I am a person who can learn in many different ways.

I,                                                          , Student,  will do my best to keep this agreement.

Date: _____________

The Parent pledges to:

• read the school handbook and abide by the policies and guidelines set out in it.

• to the very best of my ability, give 4 hours of volunteer service per month, or 40 hours per year, that will benefit the school and help my child and others learn.

• ensure that my child arrives at school on time (8:20am), rested and ready to learn.

• ensure that my child comes to school each day dressed appropriately for the weather and with a nutritious lunch and snack.

• help my child take responsibility for completing home-study assignments in a timely manner.

• keep myself informed and up to date about events and issues at school by reading the notices in my mailbox, newsletters, e-mails and posted announcements.

• attend at least two individual parent/teacher conferences and one classroom meeting per year.

• help strengthen the school community by participating in events and discussions whenever possible.

• show respect and support for my child, other students, the staff and the school.

I,                                                                                                                   , Parent/legal guardian(s) agree to do my best to follow through with the responsibilities listed above.

A parent’s ability to follow through on this agreement will in no way impact their child’s acceptance or dismissal from the school.

The administration and staff of the Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School pledge to:

• provide a safe, cooperative and respectful environment for learning.

• believe that all students can succeed and learn.

• nurture each child’s innate creativity and encourage his/her self-expression using many modalities.

• communicate and work with your family to support your child’s learning.

• have challenging expectations for students and staff.

• seek out and value parent participation and input in all areas of the school community.

• respect and honor the cultural differences of students and their families.

• seek to improve our program through an ongoing cycle of planning, evaluation and refinement.

I ______________________________________________, Teacher and _________________________________________, Coordinator

Pledge the school staff’s commitment to the above stated responsibilities and ideals.  Date: