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Download pdf: Annual Report 2012-13

Dear Commissioner and Charter School Staff,

Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School (HCCPS) is a spirited and successful school community offering students a superior education and preparing them for success in high school and in life. The extraordinary efforts of our tremendously talented staff along with generous volunteer hours from community members enhance each of our children’s experience, and the excellence of Hilltown.

This year we were supported by two fantastic one-year teachers filling in for staff on sabbatical. We are very pleased that one of these teachers has accepted our offer to continue as a permanent 2/3rd grade teacher with us. We also continued to thrive with music at the core of our community in our first year with a new music director.
The new math curriculum in grades 6-8, Big Ideas, was successfully implemented, and a new math program for the younger grades, Math Expressions, was chosen to be introduced fall, 2013.

The Board and its subcommittees focused a majority of its energy on development and adoption of our broad- reaching 10 year Long Range Plan, as well as making significant progress in our 15 year quest to secure a long-term stable site. The Long Range Plan commits us to prudent fiscal planning, allowing for both growth and stability and ensured that we ended FY 13 with a positive contribution to our fund balance. Impacting the school’s fiscal and physical plant projections is the approval by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education of our request to increase our enrollment cap from 180 to 218 students. Planning for this increase in school size usurped a significant portion of the Long Range Plan agenda and is detailed in the completed document.

Our community continues to thrive with nearly 100% volunteer participation from HCCPS families, and continued increase in the percent of community members contributing to our annual fund.

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Board of Trustees President this year, and I look forward to continuing as President next year as well.

Kipp Armstrong
President, Board of Trustees