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education2Curriculum at HCCPS contains both open-ended and established components. We work to help children develop their basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Often, this instruction occurs in the context of teaching a larger theme or concept. Other times, skills are taught directly, and practiced regularly through a variety of curricular projects. We used some published materials in the reading, writing, mathematics and spelling. These are supplemented by a variety of teacher generated materials. We look at students as individuals, and work to meet their needs through a variety of instructional strategies. Topics from the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are used to identify themes of study and determine content areas. The Common Core provides a framework for identifying skills students need to develop as they move through the grades.

At the same time, we value giving students the opportunity to steer the direction of the curriculum in any given year. Based on a given topic, teachers pose initial, open-ended questions. Explorations (research, study, experiments, and other activities that come out of this inquiry) happen next. These explorations naturally leads to more opportunities for active questioning. The result is active learning which is at the core of our educational philosophy.

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